A day in the life of Dedra Stevenson

Author of The Hakima’s Tale trilogy, commonly credited as the Harry Potter of the Middle East, Dedra Stevenson has found refuge for her imagination, in writing. We spend a day in her life.

Inspired by the writings of Stephen King and the success of J.K. Rowling, Dedra is always trying her best to be an inspiration to women in the UAE.

Dedra Interviewed on Selling Books

The Hakima's Tale:  Undivided

Dedra was interviewed by Cathy Stucker on her Selling Books blog.  In the interview, Dedra was asked various questions of writing and motivations for writing her books. She also talked about her books, both The Hakima’s Tale trilogy and the Tales of the Lantern collection of short stories. It’s a good interview and worth checking…

Interview at Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews

The Hakima's Tale:  Undivided

Dedra was featured on Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews site and you have a chance to win a copy of the eBook of The Hakima’s Tale: Undvided.  Be sure to visit the site and enter for your chance to win.  For those that don’t know, The Hakima’s Tale: Undivided is all three of the books…

The Hakima’s Tale Audio Book Prelude

The Hakima's Tale

I am proud to announce an audio presentation of the Prelude from The Revenge of the Blue Jinni, is now available here on the site.  With the assistance of R.W. Harper, a reading of the Prelude, The Jinni and the Wise King was adapted for audio and is being offered for your listening pleasure. I…

Tales of the Lantern – on Smashwords

Today, Tales of the Lantern was released on Smashwords.  One of the main differences between this edition and one that was published on the Kindle store a few months ago is a new cover and some additional edits.   Be sure to drop by my page on Smashwords and see a sample of the stories…

The Hakima’s Tale: Undivided now available on Smashwords

The Hakima's Tale:  Undivided

The Hakima’s Tale:  Undivided is now available on Smashwords and should alleviate most issues for those fans that had trouble obtaining the book on the Kindle store through Amazon.com.  Through Smashwords, you will be able to purchase the book at a new lower price of $4.95 USD and in the following formats: Epub (Apple iPad/iBooks,…

Dedra interviewed on Zayed Radio

Dedra Stevenson had the honor to appear on the Zayed University student radio, in an interview recently. You can listen to the podcast by clicking play on the embedded player above, or if it’s not being displayed you may follow this link.

The Hakima’s Tale at the Middle East Film and Comic Con

The Hakima’s Tale was represented at the first Middle East Film and Comic Con this past weekend in Dubai.  More information about the convention can be read in this article on The National web site.

Dedra interviewed in Variety Arabia

In an article from 18 March, Dedra was part of an interview posted by Micheline Habib on the Variety Arabia news site. Women have always been left behind when it comes to working in TV and Film, and so Dedra Stevenson decided to do something about it. “There wasn’t a coherent support system in the UAE…

A New Podcast by Dedra Stevenson and Michelle Nickleson, promoting Women in Film and Television, UAE

Co-Founders of Women in Film and Television, UAE, Dedra L. Stevenson and Michelle Nickelson, discuss the newly formed chapter of WIFT in UAE, the upcoming seminar for WIFT featuring Lamar Sanders, the short film screenplay competition and their upcoming projects: The Hakima’s Tale: The Revenge of the Blue Jinni is being developed for a feature…

The Hakima’s Tale: Undivided now available

The Hakima’s Tale:  Undivided is now available on the Kindle store VIA Amazon.com. Now you can read all three books combined into a single anthology and VIA the Amazon Kindle Reader, and any of the several FREE versions of the reader for the PC, Mac, iPhone/iOS, Android, and Blackberry. The book is available in the…